Plains of Thunder

Plains of Thunder

Read the story that was inspired by this image published at Worlds of James Cole. An inventor searches to find a flaw that is present in his ultimate design. A search that ends in mind opening realisations.

Behind the photo

Both the image and the story for Plains of Thunder are in existence thanks to Louise Delahunty. She inspired me to pull the car over and take the photos when I was feeling lazy and just wanted to get to where we were going and over a year later, gave me the spark that inspired the story. Louise is a brilliant photographer and artist in her own right and has her work on Facebook.

This image is available in a number of framed and mounted prints, iPhone covers and iPad cases, cards and posters. No t-shirts or apparel for this one as I didn't think it suited the design. However if anyone would like it, I can prepare it for you, just get in touch through the contact page.

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