To put it simply, I am a fine art photographer and digital artist and can create finished artwork to your requirements. 

What this means? -

Unlike the more common portrait, wedding or fashion photographers, As a fine art photographer and digital artist, I focus more on creating an image rather than capturing one. I work in fantasy rather than reality (something my high school teachers always had a problem with).

What this means for you? -

When you hire me to create artwork for you, the first step is to talk about ideas, concepts, thoughts, messages that you want to impart on your audience, any inspirations you may have and so on. Once I have a clear idea as to what it is you are wanting, I’ll then go away and then come up with some rough art ideas, probably using rough cutouts and snippets of images I’ll find in magazines or on the net or anywhere.

The next step is to get together again and go through the rough artworks and see what you like, what you don’t, any changes or more ideas you or myself may have. You need to keep in mind that this is just a very rough stage and will not represent the quality of the final image.

Once we’ve agreed upon a design, I’ll go off again and work out what I need and just how exactly I am going to create this masterpiece for you. Part of this process will be putting together a quote for the finished art.

Now that we have agreed on an art design and price, I go to work to create your finished artwork. This could include anything from using stock photographs, to going for a drive to photograph some nice scenery, textures or elements, right up to organising a photo shoot with sets, actors/models, make up people, lighting, special effects such as smoke and fire and a cherry picker to get up high enough for just that right angle. Of course the majority of projects don’t require that kind of extravagance, although it sure is exciting and fun when it does.

Once I’ve collected all the photographic elements together, I then return to my computer and sit, probably for hours, possibly for days, cutting, stitching, smudging, cropping, colour correcting, throwing it all out and starting again and drinking way too much green tea. Of course I’m kidding, you can never drink too much green tea...

Every project I work on comes with a mix of special ingredients that seems to be increasingly harder to find in this world. A mix in of heart, a shake of soul and a stir in of passion. By combining these with advanced technical know-how and a strong work ethic I have the ability to cook up artwork that is out of this world.

Eventually I will emerge, usually within a week, with your finished artwork. You will either love it, in which case the job is done, or you want changes, at this point I go home, maybe cry a little, then harden up, make the changes and bring it back, or you’ll hate it. This is when I go home, cry a lot, sit around for a day eating ice cream and feeling sorry for myself, then try and figure out how to make it right for you. Of course, if you are on a tight deadline, I’ll leave the crying and ice cream eating til after I’ve made it right for you at which point, the crying at least, will no longer be necessary.

What this does not mean? -

You cannot hire me as a wedding photographer, a fashion photographer, a portrait photographer or a sports photographer and nor would you want to. These type of professional photographer each have their own very unique skill-sets to do the types of photographic work that they do. I know that my skills as a photographer would not allow me to do justice to your wedding day photos. I’m just not good at capturing live events.

However, I can work with your wedding or fashion photographer to turn them into works of fine art. Maybe turning your wedding kiss into an epic state affair in a giant cathedral with thousands of happy onlookers. Or taking that fashion shot from a runway and setting it in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a furious tornado bearing down to show how tough your clothing can be.

What are your skills as a fine art photographer? -

My photographic skills lie in photographing elements, textures, objects and whatever bits are needed to create the fictional image. If shots of an actors or models are required, the majority of the time I shoot it like a visual effects shot for a movie in front of a green screen with highly controlled lighting. This allows me to remove the actor or model from the background easily and keep all the fine details like hair and costume edges in tact when compositing them into a new background.

If a location shoot is required, then I work much like a movie set where I have the ability to control the lighting as much as possible and to pose the actors, have sets built and costumes made and most importantly, reset the shot, do some fine tuning and then do another take and repeat until it is just perfect.

What is this type of artwork best suited to? -

There are loads of applications for this kind of fine art photography and digital artwork. Things that jump to mind are cover art and book art, CD art and DVD cover art, movie posters, event posters and of course an array of different advertising formats. I’m sure there are many other possibilities too and I would love to discus your thoughts and ideas.

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